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Currently seeking to carve out my own space in this dense jungle known as the art industry and try to enjoy myself while doing it. So don't be shy feel free to say "hi"!


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Posted by therealdarkboss - 3 weeks ago


Thanks to everyone who bought a copy of either the 2020 or re-released 2019 artpacks!

Hope you all enjoyed them as much as I did making them!

Posted by therealdarkboss - January 26th, 2021

Ok! Thought I should share this here.

For those of you wondering what a $15 Quick n Dirty is from me. Its as seen below. A basic single character lineart with NO extra fluff, details or backgrounds. But unlike my full commissions. Theres NO upgrades or changes allowed unless I missed something that was visible in the supplied refs.

I'm normally open to take up to 2 of these daily. But when in doubt and if interested. Simply message me!


Posted by therealdarkboss - January 23rd, 2021

Its been a bit quiet on that side of my fence. But don't be surprised if I upload a music track or 2.

I'm not as skilled at it. But I sometimes dabble in music production using LMMS. And may be looking to switch over to FL STUDIO mobile very soon. My range sways between hip hop, deep house and liquid funk dnb.

So please keep an ear open if interested!

Posted by therealdarkboss - January 19th, 2021

Howdy folks! Boss here finally posting stuff to NG

I'm already pretty late to the party so please bear with me as I'm still unpacking boxes and paying the moving guys. So it might be a slow start.

As for what to expect here. I'm primarily an adult artist. Anything from r34, furry, pinups comedy and comics. Its my bag. So those of you under 18 have been warned. Most things i post might be either comms I feel fit this place or pics to promote my eShop and any new artpacks I have out. So please do check it if you're on the hunt for new fap material!


Thats a wrap and thanks for swinging through!